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Bedrock – Horween Chromexcel Horse-Butt-Strip


Chromexcel leather from the famous @horweenleather was now available through our Pre-Order Service.

Known by its tight grain, denser & relatively thicker than the other part of the horse, especially from its cowhide counterparts, we put ’em on our latest shoe & boot hybrid design, the #SagaraBedrock.

Using hand welted flat welt with 2-row welt stitching that made entirely by hand and @dr_sole_originals Strider Soles in a black colorway, we designed for them for casual purpose both for on or off the road.

A small quantity is available. First come, first serve.

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Boondocker – Tan Rough Out – USN

We study the original from each actual reason of material chosen to each parts functionality and smallest detail.

With our own version and touch, this Ready to Wear Boondockers is a repro made with hope of imagining and experiencing what the function was in the Pacific war era.

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Boondockers – Brown Rinaldi Italian Cowhide (MTO)

Historical style with the immerse fineness that hide beneath. Italian Cowhide from Conceria Rinaldi is stitched into a majestic enchantment that many mistakenly guess.

Putting captoe with brogue to emerge its inevitably neat character and constructed with handwelted- 270 degree Norwegian welt to assure the robustness without leaving its flexibility with single leather midsole.

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Capital V – Havanna (MTO)

Another ready-to-wear collection from Sagara Bootmaker, our signature longwing shoe Sagara Capital. We made two versions of longwing with particular details in each of these beauties. This article also using our newest leather material that only applied in these ready-to-wear collection, Havanna and Chestnut Pull Up.

Sagara Capital IX dressed with Havanna Pull Up Leather. Brown colorway with some reddish accent and slightly thinner than our usual pull up material. Constructed in 360 degrees Flat Welt and Double Leather Sole with Natural Edge Trim finishing.

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Cordmaster – Merlot X Golden Oil Tanned

Since its first release, the two tone always be our best choice for #SagaraCordmaster. Like in this pair from our latest Ready to Wear collection, we put together Merlot and Golden Tan oil tanned leather.

We want them to be casually tough and unique when pair with your outfit and we think nothing present the two tone leathers better than a Lace to Toe.

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Cordmaster – Black Pull up (MTO)

CORDMASTER, a lace-to-toe boots like our signature Valiant but with a different side pattern, resulting a pattern widely known as “monkey boots”. This kind of pattern used for power, telephone, cable utility worker in the past.

There’s also special detail lies on the inner side called Leather Side Flap, specified details made to enhance the durability in the biggest friction point. It helps you when changing transmission while riding or facing the rough terrain during field work.

We tried different approach from our previous CORDMASTER article, with same specification as Terracotta Colorway (Double Leather Midsole + Sagara Rubber Sole and Heel Set) but different colorway with black shade all-over the place.

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Legacy X – Shinki Hikaku Horsehide Burgundy

Hailing from Far East, we proudly introducing picturesque Horsehide Leather in Natural and Burgundy colorway from one of the most respectable horsehide tannery in the world, Shinki Hikaku Japan.

We also introduce our newest variant of our signature article through this collection. Our classic derby boot pattern with slight modification in the backstay part to achieve (…..) looks. Our special collection available in our newest Louis Last for Burgundy colorway and Morgan Last for Natural colorway.

Legacy X in Burgundy using Vegetable Tanned Latigo Horsehide leather, combining Vegetable and Chrome Tanning method on its making process. Resulting wonderful natural yet luxury state with smooth and supple characteristics.

Through this beautiful horsehide collection, we want to emphasize “fire and ice” character between these two beauties even they’re came from the same hometown. While one showing natural state charm, and the other one showing its class with no excessive make-up.