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Trailmaster – Shinki Horsebutt Cognac

After releasing Shinki Cordmaster in November and Shinki Dark Brown MTO in December, we should be releasing another Shinki Horsebutt in January. But with all the hectics in the shop, these last Shinki release was delayed.

These Trailmasters were completed using new variants of Norwegian Storm Welt Constructions. It featured a gimping/serrated edge welt and a full braided stitch.

The serrated edge matched perfectly with the Ripple Soles, and the braided stitch shows how complex we constructed them.

Priced at $665 shipped worldwide, and only available one pair each size, sized as below:
43D / 10D Brannock / 277mm
43.5D / 10.5D Brannock / 280mm
44D / 11D Brannock / 283mm
44.5D / 11.5D Brannock / 287mm
45D / 12D Brannock / 290mm
(The mm indicate max foot length they can cater, measured while standing with socks on).

And another piece of sizing advice. Each person’s experience with boot sizing is relative.

From our experience,

Barrie/55/4811 Last are half (.5) size down from Brannock, and 2030 is one (1) size down from Brannock.

If you are interested, please email me at with the “SHINKI COGNAC TRAILMASTER” subject. And let me know which size are you interested in. And to make me easier to pick who’s first, we do not accept booking via Instagram Direct Messages or Comments.

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Valiant Boots Black x Oxblood (MTO)

This classic two-tonal lace-to-toe boot come as new addition to our ready-to-wear collection.

Dressed in Black and Oxblood Full Grain Cowhide Leather with some contemporary touch from 360 Handwelted-Stormwelt Construction. Built in Commando Sole and Heel as outsole material to reach maximum grip and traction.

Made with mid-weight leather upper, perfect amunitions to rockin’ your daily rugged style without takes too much time for break-in process.

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Valiant III – Italian Calf x Nubuck Rock

Presenting our very first time released dual tone boots using leathers from two different tanneries and countries with rare specifications

Constructed with Flatwelt Double-Row outsole stitching and two leathers from Italian Conceria Rinaldi Calf and French Nubuck Rock Taurillon leather.

A congruity proof of the elegance of European leather with our rugged americana looks that stands the casual manners of everyday activity and heavy environment.

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Valiant IV – Black Pull Up (MTO)

Our signature lace-to-toe boots nicknamed #BIGBLACKBOOTS dressed in our toughest leather Pull Up and comes in all-black colorway within the upper and edge trim.

Build in 270 degrees Flatwelt (Goodyear) Construction with the double midsole feature plus our signature Sagara Half Rubber Sole. Don’t forget about the oil-resistant and maximum grip ability from our self-developed outsole material, suitable workboots for field/outdoors activities or rolling on with your chopper.

Extra stiff, heavy profile, durable at his best.

We warn you, #BIGBLACKBOOT is not crafted for the feet that regularly pampered by super-comfy and/or featherweight shoe. We’re pretty sure that first timers which had some sort of break-in problem can’t handle this heavy duty boot.

Notes :
1. Kiltie details are removable
2. First Batch will be shipped on Monday (27 Feb 2017)
3. Second Batch will be shipped on Saturday (4 March 2017)