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Bedrock – Horween Chromexcel Horse-Butt-Strip


Chromexcel leather from the famous @horweenleather was now available through our Pre-Order Service.

Known by its tight grain, denser & relatively thicker than the other part of the horse, especially from its cowhide counterparts, we put ’em on our latest shoe & boot hybrid design, the #SagaraBedrock.

Using hand welted flat welt with 2-row welt stitching that made entirely by hand and @dr_sole_originals Strider Soles in a black colorway, we designed for them for casual purpose both for on or off the road.

A small quantity is available. First come, first serve.

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Sagara Civilian Boondockers – Operation Skull & Bombs Edition

As one of the epitome of USMC uniform, had lot of action during WWII mostly in Asia-Pacific Theatre (which is close to our base), Boondockers always be favourite article to work with. This time we tried different approach from the very first time we released our Boondockers (in collaboration with Oldblue Co.).

Instead of focused on repro-ing the feature from the past, Sagara Civilian Boondockers tried to put some contemporary touch. There’s some major thing you can notice like the colorway, we pick Oxblood instead of Golden Tan like usual Boondockers.

We also pick set of Dr.Sole #1081 Brown Full Cork Sole and Heel, they’re widely know as one of most respected ‘re-pro’ sole and heel producer with extraordinary compound and durability. Then as a part of our recent Operation Skull & Bombs, we proudly put the hand-painted Operation Skull & Bombs logo and Sagara’s insignia on the backstay part as a distinctive details that you can’t find anywhere!

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Valiant III – Italian Calf x Nubuck Rock

Presenting our very first time released dual tone boots using leathers from two different tanneries and countries with rare specifications

Constructed with Flatwelt Double-Row outsole stitching and two leathers from Italian Conceria Rinaldi Calf and French Nubuck Rock Taurillon leather.

A congruity proof of the elegance of European leather with our rugged americana looks that stands the casual manners of everyday activity and heavy environment.